The Stretch Mark Solution

Made in the USA, this relaxing, easy to use at home medical device is engineered with a precise grouping of 633 nm light emitting diodes (LEDs) and therapeutic heating elements.


  • Pain free and effective
  • Easy to use in the comfort of your home
  • Therapeutic heating elements increase blood flow to aid the healing process
  • Precisely selected 633 nm LEDs work at the cellular level to stimulate collagen production reducing the appearance of stretch marks

“I created Strialite to be pain-free, easy to use and effective.”
- Dr. Ronald Downs, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



It Works!

Working at the cellular level, Strialite’s 35 LEDs emit 633 nm light which penetrates your skin’s dermis layer and stimulates your cell’s mitochondria to produce more collagen. The essential Strialite heating elements result in increased circulation which allows the vital collagen building blocks to travel to your body’s stretch marks beginning the pain free, effective, healing process.

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Unaltered photographs of patients taken before and after 4 weeks of treatment.