MaryBeth C.

I was lucky enough to get through 8 full months of my first pregnancy with no visible stretch marks, but, just as I entered my ninth month, a very large patch of tiger stripes appeared on my lower abdomen overnight. The stretch marks were thick and dark and very, very pink. The marks didn't fade at all in the first few weeks after delivery, so I began using Strialite to treat them. Within a couple of weeks of twice-weekly treatments, my stretch marks had begun to fade. By the time my son was five months old, the marks were hardly noticeable at all! While I may not be wearing a bikini anytime soon, it's such a boost to my self-confidence to know that those thick dark stripes had faded out of existence!



“Strialite was very simple to use, I would watch television while I did the application and before I knew it the time was up. The equipment was light weight and easy to handle. It was warm and soothing to the skin. I found this product to be user friendly and easily fit into my busy schedule.”


Ana P.

“The Strialite was painless and easy to use. The site that was tested has noticeably less redness in the stretch mark than others on my body. I truly believe that with more treatments they would be nearly gone.”