Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Strialite?

    Strialite™ is a small handheld device for the treatment of stretch marks having a red appearance. The base (treatment plate) contains 35 red 633 nm +/- 5 nm light emitting diodes (LEDs) and heating elements that generated temperature up to 105°F (40°C) which produce a gentle heat, both aiding in the reduction of the appearance of stretch marks. The LED light and heat work together to stimulate the skin at the cellular level, decreasing the appearance of the stretch mark.

  • What is a Stretch Mark?

    A “stretch mark” is a defect in the skin caused by damaged collagen that occurs from rapid skin stretching. Much like a wrinkle, the collagen is damaged permanently but can be improved.

  • Does it really work?

    A clinical study was conducted to assess the effect of Strialite on the temporary reduction of redness of the subjects’ red stretch marks. Thirty of the 33 subjects enrolled completed the full series of 8 treatments over 4 weeks. Sixteen out of 30 subjects reported, upon self-assessment, improvement of the severity of the redness of their stretch mark of at least 2 grades when graded on a scale of 1 to 10 from baseline to post-treatment. As a secondary endpoint, blinded photographic assessment was performed and the blinded evaluation identified 18 of the 30 subjects as demonstrating improvement. Two subjects that self-assessed as having the worst appearing lesions (grade 10) did not show any improvement throughout the study.

  • Who can use it?

    Sometimes, when skin is stretched too far from pregnancy, instances of sudden weight gain or loss, and sometimes even just sudden growth during puberty, stretch marks can occur. Anyone with stretch marks, male or female can use Strialite. Strialite is intended for those between the ages of 18-50. Do not use Strialite if you are pregnant. The safety of the device has not been tested on pregnant women.

  • What is a recommended treatment plan?

    For the best results, treat each area twice each week for 4 weeks. Results will vary and may take more or fewer numbers of treatments to achieve adequate improvement from one person to another.

    Note: It is normal for the skin to be slightly reddened following treatment. If the redness or additional irritation persists for longer than 1 hour, do not resume treatments and consult a physician before resuming treatments.

  • When will I start to see results?

    Most people start to see improvement in their stretch marks after two weeks of treatments.

  • What areas of the body can I treat?

    Typical areas for treatment are the abdomen, breasts, back, hips, and thighs.

  • After I see results should I continue to use?

    Yes, you should continue to use Strialite on your stretch marks after you see results, they will continue to improve in appearance.

  • Is it effective on all skin types?

    Yes, Strialite is safe to use and effective on all skin types. Results may vary.

  • Will it work on old stretch marks?

    As a stretch mark ages, it will lighten in color over time.  Improvement in appearance will be greater with stretch marks that are darker or brighter than with those that are lighter or more faded, however older stretch marks may still see improvement.

  • Can I use this while I’m pregnant?

    A clinical study was not conducted on pregnant women, therefore please consult your physician before using the device or skin care products.

  • Can use it while breast feeding?

    Women who are breast feeding are safe to use Strialite on stretch marks on their body, however we do not recommend you treat stretch marks on your breasts while nursing, as the device gives off heat.

  • If I get pregnant later, will my stretch marks return?

    Yes, odds are if you developed stretch marks with one pregnancy, you will again with another. Strialite will not help prevent them from returning, however it will help reduce them if they appear again due to pregnancy.

  • Is it safe to use around my children?

    Yes, Strialite is safe to use in the presence of children, however it is not recommended to be used by anyone under the age of 18.  Children should not be left unattended with the device. Though not harmful to the eye, the LEDs are very bright.

  • Can I use on my stomach after a c-section?

    You can use Strialite on your abdomen following a c section, however we recommend you do not treat the site of the scar. Any open wounds or recent scars on the body should be avoided while using Strialite.  Check with a physician before beginning treatment if you’ve recently had surgery.

  • Can Strialite be used for scars?

    Although the device has stretch marks as its indication for use, a stretch mark is very similar to a scar. It’s not been tested on scars, only stretch marks.