strialite device vertical

How it Works

As our bodies start the natural aging process, the amount of collagen in the skin starts to diminish. Collagen supports our skin tissues and helps create that youthful image. Sometimes, when skin is stretched too far from pregnancy, instances of sudden weight gain or loss, or even just sudden growth during puberty, stretch marks can occur. A “stretch mark” is a defect in the skin caused by damaged collagen that occurs from rapid skin stretching and, in some instances, this damaged area has a red appearance. The beneficial LED light combined with gentle heat on the Strialite device can reduce the appearance of these stretch marks. Improvement in appearance will be greater with stretch marks which are darker or brighter red than with those that are lighter or more faded white.

When used correctly and according to the instructions, Strialite may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks (striae rubra). Typical areas for treatment are the abdomen, breasts, back, hips, and thighs.

“WOW! This really worked on my stretch marks.
It was painless, relaxing and easy to use.” - Heather B